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This started out as a school project that I completely designed from scratch in Illustrator. I had so much fun creating the letters and characters for my typography class that I decided to take it one step further and make it into an actual useable font. This is the first typeface that I have ever created and I'm very happy with the results. Being how it's only my first typeface, I'm sure it isn't exactly perfect and it might not contain all the characters that you might need. I wanted to offer this font for free, but since I'm a student, I am asking for a small fee of ONLY $5 for you to use this font however you please (no reselling!). Your money not only gets you a great font, but also helps support me as an artist. If I get a good response from this font, I might even decide to make more fonts. Also, if you purchase my font and there is a certain character that you would like me to add to the font, feel free to email me and I can try to make that happen! Enjoy!

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