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The Creative Mind of Kevin May

I’m a Graphic Designer with 13+ years of digital and print branding experience.

Kevin May

Behind the Screens

I'm passionate about my work and often spend my time keeping up with the latest technology and design trends. I can handle any challenge that I'm faced with, whether it's big or small, but my strength lies in graphic design. Inside my portfolio you will find a collection of projects that demonstrate the high-quality work that I've produced over the years. If you like what you see, let's chat about how we can work together to make something great.

Need Design Help?

My goal as a designer is to help your business grow—no matter what stage you’re at—and without breaking the bank in the process. Hiring an agency to do your design work is not only more expensive, but they are overloaded with other clients and can’t devote the time they should to your needs. Here are a few key areas I specialize in:

Digital Design

Digital Design

Graphics created with Adobe


Logo & branded materials design
Web Design

Web Design

Mobile-first responsive websites

Featured Work

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of great clients and creating a variety of branding assets in digital and print. From business cards to brochures on the print side and digital banners to full website redesign projects on the digital side — I can be your company’s one-man creative resource.

Let’s Work Together.

I'm always interested in hearing about new projects and opportunities. Let’s talk about the web and print design and development challenges you're facing and figure out how I can help you solve them.